A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


[Fantasma] wakes up in a mysterious world and is attacked by monsters. Fortunately the stoic and polite demon girl [Oni] arrives to help and they quickly become friends.
[Fantasma] then accompanies [Oni] to a job interview "for emotional support" but ends up being employed along with her!

Will she adapt to this new world or find a way to come back home?


Art, Writing: Kigyo

Music: JaviCKP

This demo was made for the World MytholoJam!


0.1.1: Fixed a typo and added tree cut animation (05.17.19)


rei_carnationWINDOWS.zip 81 MB
rei_carnationLINUX.zip 123 MB
rei_carnationMAC.zip 212 MB


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I just finished it. It's a good demo.

very nice artstyle. interesting plot.  i realy like the oriental style

Getting errors on the Linux version...

Thanks for the report! I don't know how new your computer is, but I've been told one of the plugins sometimes causes errors on older Windows computers. The same plugin seems to be causing an error in your case.

I'll consider switching to a different plugin, but that will likely take a while. I'm sorry about that!

What a cute game! I love the art and music. Looking forward to seeing more :)

love the look of this game


I've enjoyed this so far! The mood was nice, and the music fit well. 

Looking forward to seeing where it goes from here. :D


Really liked the atmosphere.


Just finished playing. (Took around 15-20 minutes.)
It was an overall engaging and fun experience!