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I manage my sense of curiosity myself.

Thank you for this amazing game!

If you want, you can watch my full game playthrough here:

P.S. You really think that it's your choice, don't you? It's not. An algorithm will decide to show you my full game playthrough and you will watch it anyway.

Keeps crashing on MacBook Air? help?

I'm sorry to hear that! Is there an error screen, or does the game simply quit without warning? If there is an error screen, it would be very helpful if you could send me a screenshot. 


Well probably this won't be read be the creator him/her selve but I 'll write it anyway, 

this is such beautifull work absolutly magnificent. And I have to admit that the line "On that note, boy do cute anime girls sell..." very well applies to me as well, for the one or the other reason... to my personal dislike.

However... I with my own free will want to belive that the ambiente form manly badass heros thumbtnail, which originates form your feather hocked me, and the beautifull tale and words drove me here, from were the eyecandy like sight originates form.

and yet I just can fell a littel sorrow for this girl and her companion to be forced to be stuck in that loop forever, but none the less I loved the words she spit at the end...

... "I hate you, from the bottom of my heart."

That line was so bitter sweet.

I really love the philosophic aspect of this, and its execution is very well magnificent.

So I'm lost in wonder, is it really cruel to think of some thing like this, a loop with endless suffering for those who are put in it. (yes I have read a certain comment) Well on one hand yes I would say and on the other no I disagree simply, because their suffering only exist when we are watching, so the only ones suffering are us. Pretty funny if you think about it that way, huh?

All in all now that I have read all the comments below, seen the playthrough of the man who brought me here I think it came to an end and as I write the end of this comment the circle closes it selve and a new one begins, right? But I guess thats live, never ending untill its over.

by now this comment is one of the longest here of what I have seen.  Tho, put in her possition would you still hate us? Have you ever thought of that? And if you are in her possition in her footsetps, would you still be yourselve?

I don't really know why I'm still writing this, but I enjoye it I guess, so I wonder given me the chance to erase all my beeing form all the moments time has to offer and I give in as I longed for it a whole while now. I'm almost certian that, if given me the chance to live again I would say "yes", because there would be nothing, no moral, no judment, nothing to lose, so might even hell would seam to me better than not to exist. Thinking of it that way I wonder am I just like a canvas who judges, who acts based on what is drawn on me? And looking on all this paint form the brushes, I ask: wouldn't it be better if I would be blank? That it just never happend and I could be 



After playing this this really had me questioning if we really all have free will.


Dude I need a download for the OST right now! That song slaps.


Randomly stumbled upon this game on VNDB by hitting the random button. Chose to download it out of pure curiosity, and it definitely exceeded my expectations! Very good concept and thought experiment!


I have to say that this is a rather short game, but i enjoy it nonetheless.
I do say, it is the first time i have known a game like this, one that could transferred emotion.

At first, really, i have thought that we are the 'visitor', but then, i guess not really, huh?

You know i have had much worst experience questioning myself, and you have much more steps to do to actually quirk my upmost uncomfortable thoughts. 

But it's a good game, a good game.


I enjoyed the Experience! The Talks were interesting and it was a nice short game and break from reality in a sense before that reality came crashing back. *have some Stars*


Loved the game! Awesome music too :D Would really appreciate it if you could maybe link to Darius's updated page as the one you have linked doesn't seem to work.. I would really like to get my hands on the theme music you've used for this game, very enchanting! 

I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for letting me know! I've updated the link to his website.

 Unfortunately, I didn't get permission to share the track publicly, but I'll try asking again!


Just a few rather non-important and imperfect thoughts about this cool game.

She is using a post hoc fallacy, a logical fallacy of retrospective determinism. 

Arguing that a world is some strange matrix or computers feel are all being cut by an Ockham's Razor, and belief in such ideas are like belief in Russell's teapot.  Reminds me of "plants have feelings to", from my life as a vegan.

Fantasy is sometimes a way to question the validity of relevant moral choices by disrupting the normativity of real boundary situations that are of existential value (in Jaspersian terms).

And of course, free will is not a metaphysical hypostasis but relative description born of dependent origination from context and opposite polarity which is determinism. These ideas have no self-abiding nature, but are mind creations - descriptions used to better comprehend the totality of life.

 I don't know, but it appears to me that questioning free will requires other mind to do it, and this other mind is  either 1)free to do it or 2)also enslaved but requires another mind to enslave it or note that enslavement, and then the matter goes on ad infinitum and tells us nothing. If we reject this line of reasoning, there is no mind, and therefore no problem (the absence of possible freedom to be saved). 

Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muß man schweigen.

Also, I was frightened by that blackened moon, I imagined the evil symbol of Black Sun and I had thought that the girl is a Nazi at the beginning. Anyway, I felt bad that we cannot rescue them or something.

Such a thoughtful work, cheers! 

und was für ein wunderschön geschriebener Kommentar, Prost!



Come on, Lady, that's all you got? You're gonna have to do more than this basic bitch Philosophy 101 to ruffle my feathers, and your hatred means nothing to me because I have no connection to you. Indeed, by your own logic--that I'm somehow controlled by my curiosity--I'm as much a prisoner in this as you are. It's not like I would KNOW you want the void of nonexistence until you tell me. And yet for all that, you hate me? Please. If you hate so easily and so foolishly, then I count myself glad to be your enemy. 

Besides, this idea that what "I" am is an aloof superego above and beyond my unconscious urges is just absurd. Those unconscious urges are me too. Every little thing, even if they disagree, are me. I am more than the sum of my parts, but the parts are integral to the whole. My curiosity being piqued WAS a choice, and one made freely. You're silly if you think all choices are conscious. Indeed, I'd say most aren't. Often we make a choice and then our ego rationalizes a reason for it. That's just the nature of humanity.

All in all, I like the concept. Definitely wish it was longer. It's like getting a really good taste of something they're giving free samples of at a mall but not being able to buy the rest. I want her to hit me harder. I want to test my philosophical ideas against her. We could be great enemies, you and I. But you're gonna have to try a lot harder to faze me. I make a hobby of staring into the abyss just for the sake of it.


This was an absolutely fascinating story, I really loved the philosophical questions you brought up and the subtle foreshadowing, like "can a computer understand language and feel despair." Really intriguing things you brought up in this game that made me think quite a lot.


Played this a while back and found myself thinking about it again today.


I really enjoyed the 4th wall aspect of the game (i have a heightened interest in games like this) and the serious themes that went along with it. I remember getting uncomfortable when the Host's tone started to get darker and less pleasant as I realized she wasn't just talking to "The Visitor".  I was almost felt relieved when she said that final line as I thought something much worse was coming, haha. The art style was really nice as well, as it reminded me of a couple other 4th wall breakers I played in the past ( that's actually what convinced me to try your game out, needless to say I got my wish)

I know that this was a small project made for a game jam, but I would gladly pay for an expanded story with these characters. Not that every story has to have a happy ending, but seeing things turn out even a little better for the Host and Visitor would be nice. I am very interested to see what more could be done with this "world".

Anyway, thank you for your hard work on this game, KigyoDev


Great game, i hope we can get more games like this with a deep meaning and also cute.


Actually love it !

It makes me re-think about Spinoza's ideas that I originally not agreed with, but now I understand better : effectively, a friend send me this game, explain me why I should download it and I played it because I was curious of a game he presented to me as philosophical. Did I will it, or did the events bring me to will it ? Did I freely play the game or did I play it because I was born human, was in the precise place to meet a friend who introduce me to philosophy, and had an internet connexion that permit me so ?

I'm pleased to see how a single and simple indee game can generate such reflexion about my own condition ! Great work !


Great game. The art was good, the dialogue was well written (although the part with the protag waking up and being fixated on her shoes was kind of weird) and I'm always down for any story with interesting philosophical questions.

I'll also check out the John Locke essay you mentioned in your postmortem. I find the topic of determinism to be interesting, if only because I don't inherently understand or agree with it. The idea that the hands of God or fate control all of our actions makes sense, but I don't understand why it would matter. If the choices I make, like going to eat an apple or choosing to downloading a game on itchio with a cute anime girl on the front, are indistinguishable between free will and the will of a higher power, and if they still lead to me living a happy and fulfilled life, then why would one be any better, or any different, from the other?


Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! 

I think free will or fate* being "better" is a matter of preference. To some people, determinism being confirmed would cause severe distress, while to others it wouldn't matter at all. That value judgment is therefore purely subjective.

But I would still say there is a big general difference between the two. People who believe in true free will see themselves as having the power to genuinely change the world. That their decisions alter the course of history from what it otherwise would've been. Meanwhile, to determinists, there was never an "alternate history" to begin with. We never truly "change" anything; we're just following a path that was already set in stone from the beginning of the universe. I hope that helped you understand the question of determinism a little better!

*I'm using "fate" as a short-hand for "predetermined history of the universe due to laws of nature" or whatever other scientific explanation for determinism one wants to give. Determinists typically don't believe in "fate" in a religious or spiritual sense. Those who do are called fatalists. There is actually quite an interesting debate between determinists and fatalists as well, so I'd look that term up if you're interested!


I want to tell her that I'm sorry! :( 


I'm sorry man, but if you're trying for a "Gotcha" moment, this ain't it.


Hello Kronos, now that I can speak, I would like to pose a question of my own.

What do you feel is the most predominant emotion in media?

I wait with bated breath, mask maker.


Loved the ambience, the music, and the character design! I've never tought of the Prometheus Myth the way it's mentioned in this game, and the passages about free will and freedom were really interesting.
Your game also got me interested in John Locke! I'll be sure to check out the book you recommended in your postmortem. Thanks!


A fascinating, if very 'meta', story, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. I don't really know what else to say about it, being so short and all, but the beautiful visuals and fascinating ideas made the odd, short trip a rather enjoyable one... even if, well, the story being told isn't such a pleasant one

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I fell disturbed after playing this game:I don't see why you created a such contorted story.A story,that even if it's only fiction,technically says: "I don't want exist". You put your characters in a such horrible place, with a chain to their necks, character that literally hate you:" I hate you,from the bottom of my heart"; seriously? Why? I can't understand... Why you created a story so strange,so absurd,so impossible,so... Cursed so contorted? Honestly, and sorry to you,please don't feel offended; I find it really disturbed: you create an horrible story that probably, I suppose it's autobiographical... In some way... But still I can't understand why only me find this,wrong and disturbing... Yeah disturbing, like a bad horror story.Why nobody it's affected to find this works simple disturbing?... La "Divina commedia" I always found it frightening: the hell,all those people condanned for eternity in pain;even if just fiction it always scares me... Same for Greeks tragedies and for horror story.... I know it's false,I know it's fake I know it's fiction... But it frighten me anyway... I can't understand why you,but not only you, don't feel sick to witness at these stories. Why only me? I don't see why you created this game. I would know...why?  Why I'm the lone who feel disguted from these kind of work? Why was you not feeling sick making this thing? I can't understand, but I'm the only one...

-at least put a good ending on it- 

Ahh.... Ok so that was my opinion... I hope I didn't offense you,it was not my intention you have to believe me...i... Simply you ruined my day with this... My calm day with this "disturbing " thing    eeehf

Well as I said that was my opinion,... A drop of water in a sea of hydrochloric acid... This it's how I see. 


I disagree. While the message of the game may seem disturbing and self torturing, the fact of the matter is that it provides us whit an explanation of the Character's existence and maybe even our own existence , which is after all shaped by our experience but also by nature, and by cercamstance . The fact is we are never truly the ones in control of our lives , always some other force - be it some grander will or the wishes of someone else , or even the flaps of a butterflys wings can change our lives in ways we can't really control or predict. I don't think this game NEEDS another(,,better") ending because the game isn't ABOUT what we achieve when everything goes our way. The game IS about  how some avents in our lives caused us to be RIGHT HERE NOW in this very moment playing this game , not by choice but BECAUSE of some ,, purpose " or a ,,will" or a ,,God" or whatever. I can see how you may feel uncomfortable about this idea but i think it's just as valid as anything else we humans have come up whit so far regarding the topic of FREE WILL or lack thereof.

(1 edit)

Thanks for the reply.I have a completely different opinion actually,but what I can do... I don't believe in "the lack of freedom" I don't believe in fate,I don't believe in "God",for me they no make sense;it's just the easier way to take for give us a reason of what we do and what we can do. Im of idea that sad and bad ending make sad and worst the people that witness it... Maybe I'm wrong.or maybe not. I think I am but I dunno. I find hard chance your minds so I will not try... People have different opinion... "I hate from the bottom of my heart" I ll hardly can forget this phrase.... Beh I finished bye. 


I did 10 runs hoping there was an easter egg but nope. Still good game



Very beautiful way to make me go on a universal tour of these characters and story. The fourth wall has still left me in awe.

Well done :)

Thank you for the adventure Kigyo!

Here's my experience for all to explore.


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When I try to install, Windows Defender thinks it's a Trojan malware...


Thanks for letting me know! It’s safe to say that this is a false alarm, so simply add an exception for Locke(d) and it should work just fine.


Great short one, as Spinozist enthusiast I dig the idea, even if the way it's brought up is a tad speedy-speedy.

Reminded me of "DokiDoki" and "Once on a windswept night". I really liked both. The idea of caracters of a story "empowered" to actual interlocutor in our own lives for a time. Gives chills !


Short and impactful. 

Definitely recommended for some quick and thought-provoking storytelling!


I adore Locke(d) so, so much, and am very grateful for this experience! The topics brought up here are well-known to me, but every one of them brought up some points I have previously failed to consider, so it gave me food for thoughts and was quite enlightening. And its meta properties and the fourth wall breaking is something else. Just whoa. I won't go into details so as not to spoil it to anyone, but I am quite under impression. This is not just a story.

Thank you so much. You've implemented your ideas superbly.


Thank you for the incredibly high praise! This is the best kind of reaction I could've hoped for and I'm really glad the game resonated with you.