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This framework contains a location system that updates in-game maps completely by itself! 

It also adds the ability to show a minimap in the corner of the screen during visual novel segments.


  • Flexible location system that allows you to define location names, coordinates, and which area/region they belong to
  • Fully automatic: Locations will be updated automatically whenever you use a new "scene" statement - no need to update variables yourself
  • Mix & match: Display a map in the game menu, in the corner of the screen, or both! 
  • Almost plug-and-play: Immediately works in demo projects, but needs some prep in existing ones
  • Comes with preference variables for more user friendliness

How to use:

  1. Unzip the map.zip file inside your game folder
  2. Follow the setup documentation in locations.rpy

I also wrote an in-depth tutorial here!

If you have any questions or additional feature requests, feel free to comment below!

Credit is not required, but very much appreciated.


  • 2022.12.16: Added a simple way to hide/show the minimap & screen and image sizes are fetched automatically
  • 2022.12.01: Added a cropped view & simplified the screen customization
  • 2022.08.22: New preference variable & simplified hover transform
  • 2022.06.06: Character callback works out of the box
  • 2022.06.05: Release!
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Helloo, I tried to use your code and I get an error:

 'config' is not a keyword argument or valid child for a screen statement. 


I don't know if I did something wrong. 


Hi! It looks like you put 


inside a screen's code. It should be within a init python block instead. Anywhere in your project, you can put

init python:


And it should work.


Ty! It worked.

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This one is amazing! thank you so much for such nice tool

Thanks, you're welcome!


Hi! Thank you for the tutorial! You're a lifesaver!

Is it possible to make the minimap show a partial, zoomed in map instead of a shrunk version of the whole map?

You're welcome, I'm happy to hear that!

I had actually already implemented that a while ago, and simply forgot to upload it. The new version now contains that feature. Thank you for your request!

Thanks! Works like a charm.

I have another question now. Perhaps I simply missed it, but is there a way to force hide the minimap no matter the set preferences? For example in a scene where the character faints and later wakes up in an unknown location. 

Hide screen doesn't work and setting the 'area' variable to None throws an error, but maybe it's just my coding skill issue. I'd appreciate some help.

Sorry. Never mind. I figured it out. I just needed to define a "hidden" location and set the location to there at the appropriate scene.

Yes, using a hidden location is currently the way to do it. But now that I think about it, tying the visibility to a variable might be more useful in some cases. I’ll make a small update later today!

The new version is now up. I hope this helps!


This is great!


Wow, that's awesome!!