500+ Downloads!

It's only been three days, and Locke(d) already hit 500 downloads! I never expected a tiny jam game to get this far, but I'm really grateful for everyone's support. Especially those who donated; people like you help me continue doing what I love to do!

And of course a huge thank you to ManlyBadassHero for covering the game; the majority of traffic comes from his video!

Seriously, dude, how did you find this and why did you decide to play it? I guess algorithms might be an even scarier force than Host-chan says.

A few people have been asking if I'll revisit this game or if I'll make some kind of sequel, and as things are right now I have to say it's very unlikely. As mentioned in the postmortem, this game was mainly an exercise for me to try something new. While that was fun for two weeks, I wouldn't do it for longer than that.

But obviously I'll keep making games, and I'll keep dropping philosophy here and there, just nowhere near as much as Locke(d) did. (Gotta make that degree useful somehow.) I hope that's a slight consolation to those who got their hopes up.

Moving on, I'm working on a new project I'll announce in my server very soon, which will be nothing like Locke(d) whatsoever. The only thing in common I can think of is that both of them have at least one cute girl in it. 

On that note, boy do cute anime girls sell... If there's one thing I learned in hindsight it's that I definitely underestimated their power.

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