A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android


Three perpetually bickering college students team up to create an AI, but will their quest for a robotic child end up as a crash course in parenting or self-defense?

Discover the secret this group of "friends" is hiding and choose if you want to help them forgive and forget... or fuel the conflict.

Note: This game is rated Teen and up. Graphic descriptions of gore are optional and can be turned off in the game settings.


  • 18k words
  • 2 wildly different endings
  • original soundtrack


Art, Programming, Writing: Kigyo
Writing: Honey, Functian
Music: aluminum


RobotDaycare (Windows) 47 MB
RobotDaycare (Linux) 51 MB
RobotDaycare (Mac) 45 MB
RobotDaycare (Android) 48 MB

Development log


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Great job on this game! I love robots so I was looking forward to this one after seeing the forum thread, and it turned out really cool!

I liked the characters a lot, I don't think I can even pick a favorite (...maybe Lycoris?). I enjoyed the dialogue between the college students a lot, I like when friends kind of make fun of each other/fake fight so that was fun. And it was super interesting seeing their dynamic (and Nano) change depending on the choices you make.

(spoilers I guess?)
Wow those endings were extremely different! I definitely liked the good ending better since I just want them all to be happy, but I think you did a great job on making the horror horrifying. I played this game like a week ago but some of the horror bits have still been popping into my brain once in a while (that bit with Nano trying to open the wound more really got to me...). It was really cool how you managed to blend together a mix of different tones. Even within the good route, it got surprisingly serious but it was mixed together with the students being dumb idiots (you forgot... to include the 3 laws of robotics?? That was so funny to me, no wonder the bad end happened haha).

Anyway, I really enjoyed this game, great job on your NaNoRenO project!

I just finished this and thought it was pretty good! I enjoyed the character interactions the most; I thought all three main characters had really unique personalities and their banter was fun (though sometimes stressful). Of course I'm a sap so I loved the good ending...and I thought the development and changes in their friendship was cute as well. Thanks for creating this game!

I've finished this last night and it was such a blast! I need a Nano in my life, maybe I should find friends //slapped.

Anyway, the characters are really lovable and relatable! Especially Oleander! Ah, cute things <3 Their dialogues are really natural and funny too.

For the story, I was actually interested of what grade will they be getting for this project, but apparently I was in for something else--- It's really well written overall! 

Overall, it was worth it<3 

Thank you for creating this wonderful game <3

PS the bad end didn't need CGs to send chills to my spine. The descriptions are spot on scary, kudos TwT.


This was a really interesting concept!

And I really liked the back-and-forth between the trio. It was witty and amusing, until I found out where it all came from ;____; dsjkldjsas.... Then it was just... Oh man... Well I don't want to ruin it for anyone who reads this comment, so I'll leave it at that. My point is I liked this game quite a bit!

I got the good end first and went back for the bad one. I must say, I liked the bad one a lot! It was really fascinating to see how it all unfolded.

The GUI was good looking too. Overall, a very nice experience. Well done!

I'm really happy to hear you liked the bad route, since this was my first attempt at writing horror! Hopefully I'll get another chance to write darker stuff in the future. Thank you very much! 


I just finished the game - went for the good ending and then tried a few of the other dialogue options, but they broke my heart before even getting to the end. I got really, really attached to the "family." ; v;

Absolutely loved the entire experience; especially the humor, the characters and small things like the dialogue blips and UI design. Nano is the most wholesome thing in the world, becoming a robot parent for this journey made my day.

Thanks so much for this wonderful submission to NaNoRenO!

Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad we managed to get you invested in the "family" and that you enjoyed our game! It's also interesting to hear how the order of the routes influences the experience... B)