Demo Update Coming Soon!

It's been almost a year since the last update, but I assure you: Artificial Selection is not dead. In fact, I have really exciting news!

I'll be publishing an updated demo sometime next month. It will introduce a new escape room, flesh out some of the scenes and, most importantly, have vastly improved graphics!

Since the graphical changes are the easiest to show off, I'll go into more detail:

  • The default resolution has been increased to 1920x1080! (Though there are smaller screen options for those who prefer it that way.)
  • All the sprites have been completely redrawn! They now blink and some even have pose variations. 
  • The escape rooms are in full color and take up much more of the screen (so clicking stuff will be less of a hassle).
  • Various animations and zoom effects make scenes come alive and feel less static.

I'm really proud of how things are turning out, and I hope this will improve every player's experience.
(After all, the visual part is pretty important for a visual novel.)

Even if you played the demo already, I think the first 30 minutes provide enough new content to make it worth checking out.
Otherwise, if this game has been sitting in one of your collections for a while, I hope the new update will motivate you to play it for real!

Until the demo is ready, I'll post new screenshots every week in this thread, as well as our Discord Server.

Thank you for your patience, and I hope you look forward to the next announcement!

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oh wow, i'm really excited to see something new in this game! I loved the demo, and wished you'd continue someday. So i'm glad you haven't dropped it! thanks for the update <3