Update 2.0

It's here, finally! And it's a big one!

Thank you so much for your patience, everyone! As promised, the new update contains the following:

  • Massive Engine Update . Probably the main issue many people were experiencing was a low framerate. The new engine should significantly help with this problem and make for a much smoother gameplay experience!
  • Bonus Story . Reaching a certain ending now unlocks an epilogue containing 10-20 minutes of funny dialogue and brand new eye candy!
  • Route Shortcuts . After unlocking your first ending, you will gain access to the "Shortcuts" button from the main menu. This lets you skip to a specific ending, provided you've already seen the necessary scenes from the common route. See this guide for more details about how it works!
  • Minor edits to maps and cutscenes
  • Fixed one(!) spelling mistake
  • Many other minor improvements

The Deep Sea Valentine Art Book is also available now, and it comes with 20 wallpapers for free!

I hope you'll enjoy the new update, and thanks again!


DeepSeaValentine-2.0-linux.tar.bz2 56 MB
Version 2.0 60 days ago
deep-sea-valentine-osx.zip 50 MB
Version 2.0 60 days ago
deep-sea-valentine-win.zip 68 MB
Version 2.0 60 days ago

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