Update 2.1 - Controller Support, Russian & German!

Hey everyone, the new update is finally here!

The biggest new features are the following:

  • Controller support. That's right, you can now play Deep Sea Valentine without using your mouse or keyboard!
  • Russian and German translations. Deep Sea Valentine can now be played in two additional languages!
  • Pixel sprites reflect characters' height differences. Feli, Triche, and Joru are appropriately tiny now!
  • Option to switch between looks. Prefer the casual outfits? You can now play with those during the main game!*
  • Improved appearance of the game menu. More sleek, simple, and easy to use!

*This only affects the full-body illustrations for now, without the pixel art. I'm hoping to include that in a future update.

The update also includes a few minor improvements:

  • Albica now follows you around in the cave
  • Fixed Triche's CG
  • Added tooltips for all settings

Thank you for your patience, and I hope you'll enjoy. Please consider leaving a rating or comment if you do!


DeepSeaValentine-2.1-linux.tar.bz2 59 MB
Version 2.1 Dec 07, 2021
deep-sea-valentine-win.zip 70 MB
Version 2.1 Dec 07, 2021
deep-sea-valentine-osx.zip 53 MB
Version 2.1 Dec 07, 2021

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